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Welcome to the webpage for St. Nicholas Parish
Dobro došli na web stranicu za župi sv Nikole
St. Nicholas Croatian Catholic Parish is an ethnic Roman Catholic parish in the Diocese of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our parish was designated by the former bishop of Pittsburgh, Rev. Donald Cardinal Wuerl, as his personal parish for the pastoral needs of the the faithful of Croatian descent living in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area and Western Pennsylvania. As an ethnic parish, we minister to the spiritual needs of Roman Catholics of Croatian Heritage as well as the immigrant community who arrived as refugees from the nations of Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina following the wars of the 1990s. Fathful of Croatian ancestry, especially alumni of St Nicholas Parish School are encouraged and invited to join St Nicholas parish and come to worship with us on major Solemnities, as well as support the parish with their love and generosity, so that it will survive and grow. We further welcome everyone of all ethnic heritages to our parish family as we offer glory and praise to our Lord, Jesus Christ. Please explore our website for parish news, times of our Masses, which are celebrated in both Croatian and English, and other information.
Come see the Murals .. stay for Mass!
At St. Nicholas, we are blessed with the world renown murals of Croatian artist Maxo Vanka. These murals, painted in the 1930s and 1940s, were Vanka's gift to the United States. They represent the struggles of the Croatian people in the face of war and poverty in their homeland and as immigrants in post-industrial America. This story is told through imagery that blends the Slavic experience with their strong Roman Catholic faith, a faith which strengthened them in the face of adversity. Please come see our murals, and then stay with us for Mass!
The only way to support St Nicholas Croatian Catholic Church and the world famous murals of Maxo Vanka is via donations to St. Nicholas Parish, to the St. Nicholas Generations Fund, the Capital Campaign Fund, and also the mural society (The Society for the Preservation of the Millvale Murals of Maxo Vanka).
Donations to the following groups DO NOT go to support St Nicholas Croatian Catholic Church in Millvale.
  • The Preserve Croatian Heritage Foundation
  • Friends of St. Nicholas
  • Croatian American Cultural and Economic Alliance
  • The Allegheny City Society
These groups are in no way affliated with or sponsored by St Nicholas Croatian Catholic Church or the Diocese of Pittsburgh.
Contact us!
You can contact us and our parish administrator, Father Dan Whalen, in the following ways: by phone: 1.412.821.3438
by mail: 24 Maryland Avenue - Pittsburgh PA 15209
Cemetery Enquiries can be made to: 1.412.681.0905 or 1.412.821.3438