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Our History
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Our History
The Roots of Croatia

The history of St. Nicholas Parish, does not begin in 1900, but rather in the distant past of Croatia itself. In order to understand the history, character, and beauty of the Croatian people, we have to go back to the birth of Europe, 330-800 A.D.

Through the "Gate of Nations", the space between the Ural Mountains and the Caspian Sea, people started to appear westbound endangering the peace and security of the Roman Empire, which was in decline.

Among the newcomers on the stage of Europe were Slavic tribes including Croatians. These new comers possessed a vitality that led to the formation of new nations.

During the 7 th century, the Croatian tribes populated the old Roman provinces, which made up the borders of the young Croatian state. Using today's names, the territory consisted of Croatia (the province where present day Zagreb is the capital), Slavonia, Dalmatia, part of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, and the far-eastern part of Stajerska, Krajnska, and Istria.

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